Picking the Right Grass Commercial Applications

Ever see a full, bright green patch of grass and think to yourself “I want that”? It may be easier to attain than you think. Geoscape offers a wide range of options to transform your empty plot of land into one you are proud to claim as your own. From good old-fashioned seeding to sodding to heavy-duty hydroseeding, we’ll help you understand the options available and how they fit your needs, budget, and timeline.


For immediate green results laying beautiful, locally grown turf is the way to go. Sodding is a fast and easy process that can be installed almost anytime in the year. Providing an instant surrounding for the rest of your landscape there is no need to wait and watch the grass grow.

If you expect moderate to heavy foot/animal traffic you don’t want to ruin all your work, sodding becomes much more functional only a couple of weeks after installation and reduces maintenance costs.

Grass Seeding

If you’re patient, traditional grass seeding is a cost-effective option. It gives you more selections and a wider array of species is available.

Grass Seed will take several months to mature. You need to ensure it is watered properly as well as overseeding areas where the wind or birds may have displaced your seeds. 

Hydroseeding (Terraseeding)

Hydroseeding is for you if you’re looking for something that, has more uniform growth, with erosion control,  a rapid application and yet is still cost-effective. Since the root system develops in the soil right from the seed, your grass will be healthier producing lasting effects. This is also ideal if you need more even coverage over larger areas such as parks or golf courses.

Not sure which option is right for you?

Arrange a schedule with Geoscape to learn more about the sod and seed applications to give you that green and lush instant ‘grassification’ you are looking for.