Decorative Metal Fence Tips and Tricks

Decorative Metal Fence Tips and Tricks

Decorative metal fence or iron fence can be either made from steel or aluminum, welded together to form an aesthetically panel in a variety of heights. Decorative metal fence are used in varying applications from pool enclosures, backyard fence, boulevards, commercial/industrial institutions to protect property and to provide better curb appeal. 


Aluminum vs steel

Choosing your style of product may be difficult but choosing between aluminum and steel may be easy. Here are some quicks pros and cons.  

Steel: Strong– in any height application, especially taller steel has a distinct advantage ensure a rigid product. Inexpensive– compared to aluminum the cost of purchasing a steel fence is much more affordable. Corrosion resistant– not like aluminum, even when coated properly, steel fence is susceptible to rust and decay. Canadian climate combined with road salt and debris allow for faster deterioration of the product.   

Aluminum: Light weight– compared to steel, aluminum is lighter and easy to work with. Providing faster cutting and drilling where required. Corrosion resistance– unlike steel, aluminum is resistant to corrosion. Whether placing your fence near a high traffic area exposed to salt and debris, or a backyard enclosure, aluminum is able to stand the test of time. Strength– although great for many reasons aluminum does not carry the strength steel does. Performing well in many lighter applications, steel fence is recommended when needed in heavy duty applications. 


Layout and installation 

As with every fence there is efficiencies in proper planning and construction. Decorative metal fence requires much care to keep costs low and productivity high. Although symmetry is beautiful there should be a balance to keep your job cost effective. To assist in layout every supplier will provide suggested spacing of posts when purchasing the product. Keep this information close when marking the ground. The more efficient your spacing is, the less work is needed to drill, set, and install the material; saving time and money. 

By: Sean Healey, Masonry and Fencing Manager  


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