Topsoiling and Fine Grading Site GradingSewer and Water Management

Topsoiling and Fine Grading

Addressing the top line

A lot of attention gets paid to the bottom line, but when it comes to soils, the most important line is the top line. Topsoil has the most nutrients and is the most important when it comes to promoting healthy vegetation and properties.

Topsoil is the basis for plant health, so it is important to use quality products. Geoscape Contracting’s topsoil meets all municipal, environmental and development standards. As a full-service commercial landscaper, we provide all of the services needed to take care of your project from start to finish.


When considering a topsoiling project, there are a number of questions that need to be answered. What is the intended use for the land? What is the quality of the existing soil? What plant life is desired? What type of soil will best support that? What depth of soil is needed? What are the environmental conditions? What drainage passageways are possible?

Geoscape has the experience to provide the best-case scenario.

Fine grading

Creating the appropriate grade is critical to the successful completion of any landscaping project. To ensure grading is according to specification, Geoscape uses the latest equipment and GPS technology. By using GPS, exact measurements are possible, and grade profiles will be precise. This means your project will be exactly as you expected.

Site Grading

Making the Grade

Slopes matter. Altitudes matter. Especially when it comes to new land development or redevelopment. Will the graded surfaces on your property help to ensure your property stays healthy, useful and beautiful?

Grading is also important for water management and storm water drainage.

Pooled water can cause serious damage to built structures and lead to soil erosion.

Relying on data

In order to design a successful grading plan, Geoscape Contracting uses information established in its assessment of environmental conditions and the instructions put forward by your architect or engineer, as well as topographical data. With this information, you can rest ensured the plans are detailed and the grading is accurate and completed on schedule.

Sewer and Water Management

Manage water properly or feel its wrath

Water is a powerful force. When it’s not managed properly, it can be a destructive force. Don’t let unmanaged water ruin your property. Properties that don’t have a drainage design, can experience soil erosion. Also, pooled water can lead to environmental and built structure damages.

Proper water management requires an understanding of water properties and government regulations. Geoscape Contracting stays up to date about government regulations regarding water and sewage (waste water). This ensures all project proposals are in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act and Ontario Water Resources Act and the work done will not have an adverse effect upon the environment or public health.

Turning a pond into a community hub

When it comes to pond development, storm water management, sewage management, and environmental restoration, Geoscape has years of experience. You can count on our expertise to transform storm water ponds into beautiful attractions for communities and ideal habitats for wildlife.

Typical storm ponds contribute little value than storm water collection. Contract Geoscape to turn your ponds into eye-catching water features by using a more detailed pond grading, a variety of vegetation, the strategic placement of trees, and human access areas.