ecosystem-bannerEnvironmental Restoration and Conservation Development

Geoscape Contracting takes great pride in helping to create a greener GTA, through its work in environmental restoration and native habitat regeneration. Land development and continued urban sprawl is a reality as the GTA population continues to swell and prosper. Geoscape partners with developers, ministries and conservation authorities to assist in the complex procedure of restoring damaged ecosystems to their natural state.

Geoscape plants only native species of trees, shrubs and grasses grown from our own local nursery. Native planting has a higher rate of success, limits growth of invasive species and provides familiar habitat for local wildlife. Geoscape offers a warranty on all native planting and ensures the survival and good health of all plant material and trees during the early stages of growth and restoration.

Creating habitat for local wildlife is an exciting and rewarding expertise of the Geoscape Contracting team. Natural ecosystems such as forests, creeks, wetlands, streams and ponds provide crucial habitat for countless species of insects, birds, amphibians and mammals. When these ecosystems are challenged or threatened because of development, Geoscape Contracting is able to rebuild, recreate and replant these habitats and assist in the relocation of species.