Environmental Restoration and Conservation Development

Land development and continued urban sprawl is a reality

As the GTA population continues to swell and prosper restoring and maintaining greenspace has become a priority. Developers, ministries and conservation authorities turn to Geoscape Contracting for assistance with the complex procedure of restoring damaged ecosystems to their natural state or simply creating a greener GTA through environmental landscaping.

Native Plant Installation

Native Ontario plants add both beauty and value to your local development project making them a great choice regardless of the project. From street trees to stormwater ponds, parks to playgrounds, native trees and shrubs define our communities character with infinite combinations of colour and shapes.

In addition, native trees and shrubs help save maintenance costs, protect water quality, and support local ecosystems. They typically need less fertilizer than non-native plants saving costs and helping to protect water quality. Native plantings are also generally more resistant to common pests and diseases, therefore requiring minimal care.

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Stormwater Management Ponds

Trust Geoscape’s expertise in pond development to help turn a regular pond into a sustainable and an eye-catching water feature at the heart of your community development.

Stormwater management ponds throughout the City of Markham and the rest of the GTA are common features on development sites. Geoscape works closely with your team to build the best possible solution given your site-specific conditions while balancing multiple uses.

Contact us now for more details regarding accurate, efficient, and safe pond landscape construction.

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Channel Realignment and Planting

Is flood water potential threatening your community development? Looking for an experienced team to assist you with Channel Realignment? Work with Geoscape to reduce the risk of flood waters with stream realignment, or channel modification.

Channel realignment reduces the streams current velocity without disrupting its flow. Your community development can also benefit from increased public land that could be used for recreational purposes or right-of-ways.

Talk to our channel realignment pros about creating a design that improves living space that promotes a community where residents coexist with nature.
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Wildflower and Native Seed Germination

Are you dreaming of a low-maintenance field filled with wildflowers that bloom throughout the spring and summer? Native Wildflowers have the ability to grow, reproduce and become established without actual cultivation with little or no irrigation.

Developing a true wildflower ecosystem is a complex process that involves specific genotypes of native plants and is typically requires more than a quarter acre for true success. However, the results can be breathtaking as your residents view the colourful blooms and enjoy all the butterflies and hummingbirds it attracts.

Creating a habitat for local wildlife is exciting and rewarding. Talk to our wildflower experts today about site selection, soil preparation, and seeding as you plan for all aspects of establishing a wildflower meadow.

Wetland Recreation

With a rich array of vegetation and wildlife, wetland ecosystems are perfect areas to connect with nature year around for years in the future. Your community will benefit from the activities wetland areas offer such as hiking, biking, birdwatching, nature photography, etc.

Reasons to restore a wetland ecosystem in your community include:

  • Enhance surface and groundwater storage to help with flood mitigation
  • Erosion reduction to stabilize shorelines
  • Water quality improvement
  • Enhance/restore wildlife habitat
  • Provide social recreation opportunities.


If you’re looking for a reliable landscape contracting company to partner with to create a wetland are in your community… find out more about Geoscape’s ecosystem services.