Grown in the GTA, Planted in the GTA.

While price isn’t everything, with large scale development projects, if you’re not paying attention to the bottom line – expenses have a way of snowballing. We get it. Being able to offer you high quality plant material at a reduced cost was the driving force behind our decision to start an onsite Wholesale Native Tree and Shrub Nursery.

Benefits of our onsite nursery include: 

  • the ease of adding extra material to an existing order
  • easily accessible replacement plants
  • and material that can be ready to site within a day’s notice.

In addition to saving you time and money, savvy clients like you quickly recognized the importance that native trees and shrubbery play in the development of a natural ecosystem. 

Geoscape is committed to our natural environment and our local ecosystems. We are experts in native planting.

We also have the experience to plant and maintain all shrubs, perennials, annuals, roses and wild grasses and fescues. All planting beds are amended with 30% compost to support substantial growth and strength. All plant material is maintained, monitored and watered within our warranty period.

Native species help to:

  • Produce a food chain that increases wildlife
  • Block unwanted weeds and invasive plants
  • Improve success rate of hardwood tree plantings
  • Provide ecological services such as pest control, water filtration and conservation
  • Prevent water run off, pollution, and erosion

Variety is the spice of life

Geoscape’s nursery contains over 30 varieties of trees and a vast number of native shrubs and grasses, ranging in size and maturity. All home grown meaning they’re better adapted to the GTA’s climate and soil conditions and perform better in transplantation than non domestically grown material.

Trained horticultural specialists

The Geoscape Nursery is a year round operation that is fully staffed by our trained horticultural specialists. We would be happy to facilitate a viewing and tour of our nursery and its wide variety of products. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

At Geoscape Contracting we are extremely proud of our past projects and accomplishments. We are excited about continuing to grow and take on new and exciting challenges in the future.

Please contact the office and our team of professional estimators will help you create the perfect landscape project.