nursery-bannerOnsite Wholesale Native Tree and Shrub Nursery. Grown in the GTA, Planted in the GTA.

Geoscape boasts an onsite wholesale nursery! This extensive and ever expanding property allows us to grow top quality native trees and shrubs. Investing in our own nursery has helped Geoscape to offer high level plant material at reduced cost in an effort to better serve our clients and reduce our environmental impact. Home grown Canadian trees and shrubs are better adapted to the GTA’s climate and soil conditions and perform better in transplantation than non domestically grown material. Our nursery contains over 30 varieties of trees and a vast number of native shrubs and grasses, ranging in size and maturity. Additional benefits of our nursery include; the ease of adding extra material to an existing order, easily accessible replacement plants, and material that can be ready to site within a day’s notice.

Trained horticultural specialists

The Geoscape Nursery is a year round operation that is fully staffed by our trained horticultural specialists. We would be happy to facilitate a viewing and tour of our nursery and its wide variety of products. Please contact the Geoscape office to schedule an appointment.