Hardscape installations create an attractive visual transition between landscapes on your property creating a unique and memorable experience for both residents and visitors. In addition to looking great, hardscape elements also serve a functional purpose making your property more accessible.

Geoscape’s hardscape installations include, but not limited to:

  • Retaining walls
    Installation of retaining walls improves the appearance of a specific area, but also serve the purpose to support uneven or sloping soil.

  • Decorative entry features 
    You only get one chance to make a first impression. Elaborate entrances become the stunning element when visitors first arrive at your property.

  • Parking lot planting beds and medians
    If you’re looking to provide a more upscale installation or community, installing planting beds and medians go a long way to you distinguish your parking lot from the standard unattractive lots.

  • Paths and walkways
    Your public spaces will become more inviting and accessible with interlocking lookouts, meandering walking paths, thoughtful ramps, and pristine sidewalks.

Let Geoscape help you beautify your property by expertly blending hardscape into your landscape design.