Grass and trees make a place feel like “home.” When landscaping a condo site, the key is to balance the look and the cost. Planting costs add up fast on newly constructed sites. Geoscape knows how to green your site beautifully and cost-effectively. We offer a full range of landscaping and site work services for condominiums and other multi-family residential projects. We specialize in hardscape installation, plant installation, sodding, terraseed applications. Our on-site nursery ensures the quality and affordability of our plant material. By covering every step, we can provide your condo site with efficient and affordable green space.

The Magic of Green

The greening begins with the turf. Sod transforms a construction site into a green living space. To ensure instant and long-lasting “green,” Geoscape waters the turf immediately and at regular intervals after application. We recommend sod for parks, along boulevards and sidewalks, and other areas where a green look is desired immediately. Our sod is locally sourced and grown – well-adapted to local climate and other conditions. Once sod is placed in key areas, Geoscape “terraseeding” provides an affordable alternative to sod. Geoscape uses the latest technology, including a computerized machine. It seeds in record time, about one acre of land can be seeded per day, producing growth in 7 days. We use a precise blend of screened composted soil to ensure optimal growth. Any variety of grass or wild flower seed can be applied with our terraseeding method.

Making a Site Feel Like Home

Turf is just the beginning when creating a livable landscape. Site greening continues with plant installation. The key to successful condo landscaping is healthy nursery stock, precise soil amendments, and proper care at every stage of the process. Plants are an investment. If handled poorly during transit or while stored, they may not successfully establish on-site. Geoscape cares for our plants from the nursery, through transport and installation, and beyond. Our soils and mulches are expertly mixed and meet all municipal and environmental standards. Hardscapes are important for any multi-family development. Enhance your public space with inviting features like walking paths, gathering spaces, and play structures. Geoscape provides decorative features, such as entryways, as well as more structural components, like retaining walls. We can install planting beds throughout the site and within parking lots and medians. Geoscape plans and executes site paving and the installation of any park furnishings.

Go Native

Through our quality services, Geoscape is committed to fostering care for the natural environment and local ecosystems. We offer expertise in the use of native plants for large site landscaping. We believe that native plants are a valuable component of any landscaping plan. In Geoscape we select native species that grow well in our climate. They are resilient to disease, weather variations, and other hazards. With strong root systems and healthy growth, our native plants hit the ground running. As they beautify your site, natives also support wildlife. They also help control the spread of invasive species. See our May 13 blog for more details on the benefits of native plants.

Our environmental restoration services can help you promote your condominium site. We make sure it is environmentally sustainable. Eco-friendly landscaping can provide the final points needed towards earning a green building certification as offered through the Canada Green Building Council. So many possibilities exist for adding green features to condo landscaping. Rain gardens add unique features while treating stormwater and conserving water; permeable pavers enhance parking areas and reduce runoff; pollinator gardens attract butterflies and help support healthy ecosystems and farm productivity. The possibilities continue to grow with the public’s interest in green-built developments.

Trust us with your site, and your condominiums will stand out as a beautiful and inviting place to live. For more information, browse our services and portfolio pages or contact us by phone or email.

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