How does a York Region commercial landscaping firm put the finishing touches on a large scale project? No matter the project – whether it be completing a public park, an environmental restoration, or a critical phase in a natural heritage system – the answer is always the same; Terraseeding.

Terraseeding is a trademarked term that, within the commercial landscaping industry, has become synonymous with efficiency, quality and speed.

Terraseeding is an innovative and unique process. It uses “blower trucks” and large hoses to spray on seed application. Technology takes over and allows the calibrated injection of seed, fertilizer and granular additives. This process allows the specially trained technician to calculate precise amounts of seed, mulch, fertilizer and soil. Consideration can easily be given to soil conditions, slope, sun, shade and a multitude of other environmental conditions and elements.

This procedure has many uses: for erosion control, streetscaping, environmental restoration, and in the building of sediment control berms, stormwater management ponds, channels, parks and playgrounds. Wildflower seeds can be used to help produce beautiful native landscapes and mulch can be sprayed on new planting beds to help curb weed growth and provide critical root insulation.

This sounds like potentially complicated and expensive technology. So, what are the benefits of a commercial landscaping company using a blown seed application instead of traditional sod or hand sewn seed?

  • Seed is planted, rather than exposed on the surface. This protects the seed from wind, wildlife and the burning sun.
  • Germination is increased due to the warmth and moisture surrounding the seed in the soil.
  • The “blown-in” application levels the rough grade of subsoil with a smooth finished layer of well draining soil. This eliminates hours of fine levelling labour with machine or hand rake.
  • A single technician with one blower can cover about 1 acre of ground in one day, significantly more than a large crew and in a fraction of the time. This helps to reduce labour costs and make terraseeding a more economical alternative.
  • The cost of the blower truck can also be justified by its multi-use ability. It can be used to spray straight soil or straight mulch, this is a great benefit to many stages of commercial landscape construction.

Terraseeding is an innovative and proven method of seeding large and complex areas, and it promotes healthy growth. Terraseeding may be one of the final steps in completing a construction project, but it is critical to the success and long lasting beauty of any green space.


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The Geoscape writing team is a diverse collection of industry professionals whose collective experiences are as varied and unique as the landscaping projects they help create. With educational backgrounds in horticulture, engineering, communications and philosophy the Geoscape team has the ability to bring the world of commercial landscaping to life. True to the Geoscape mandate, care for the environment, community and craftsmanship are paramount and all projects are carried out with great pride and enthusiasm.

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