Terraseeding…The Finishing Touch to any landscaping project

Due to the ease of application Terraseeding provides a great solution for erosion control on slopes in ponds, channels, along roadways, parks, and other buffers.

Terraseeding, a trademarked term for Hydroseeding, makes seeding large and complex areas extremely efficient by using a pneumatic “blower truck” composted soil with seed.

Reasons should you consider Terraseeding to finish your next landscape construction project:

  • A single technician with one blower can cover about 1 acre of ground in one day, significantly more than a large crew and in a fraction of the time. This helps to reduce labour costs, making Terraseeding a more economical alternative.
  • Seed mixtures are customizable to meet individual environmental and municipal specifications and can include a variety of wildflowers, native fescues, grasses, and ryes.
  • Mixing seed with composted soil pre-installation provides the ultimate seed protection and moisture control.
  • The seed is planted, rather than exposed on the surface. This protects the seed from wind, wildlife, and the burning sun. 
  • Seed germination increases due to the warmth and moisture in the soil. 
  • The “blown-in” application levels the rough grade of subsoil with a smooth finished layer of well-draining soil. This eliminates hours of fine leveling labour with machine or hand rake.

Talk with the team at Geoscape to see whether the terraseeding process makes sense for your development.