Terraseeding is an innovative and proven method of seeding large and complex areas by automatically mixing composted soil with seed and applying it to the landscape with the use of a pneumatic blower truck. Due to the ease of application terraseeding provides a great solution for erosion control on slopes in ponds, channels, along roadways, parks and other buffers. Our pneumatic blower trucks are computerized, diesel powered units that make seed application extremely efficient. In one work day, roughly one acre of land can be seeded and will produce growth results within 7 days following application. The cost of the Terraseed application is significantly less than traditional manual methods or sodding. Seed mixtures are customizable to meet individual environmental and municipal specifications and can include a variety of wildflowers, native fescues, grasses and ryes.

Terraseeding is unique in its application; protecting the seed from the harsh sun, dry winds and local wildlife. This protection improves the chance of germination and overall coverage compared to traditional methods. Mixing composted soil and seed together pre-installation provides the ultimate seed protection and moisture control. Pre-germination is the seeds most vulnerable stage and the Geoscape Terraseeding method provides a cost effective and efficient solution to protecting the pre-germination seed and promoting healthy beautiful growth.