Why We Love to Plant In The Fall!


The summer has flown bythe leaves have changed colours with your wonderful garden turning almost every shade of brownwinter is officially around the corner and it’s time for fall planting. Disheveled? We don’t blame you. But there is good reason why you should still be rolling up your sleeves, getting dirty, and ahead of the game! Here is why we love to plant in the fall: 

Fall planting  and fall growth

Did you know that roots continue to grow as long as the soil temperatures are 4 centigrade? In many instances, planting your trees, shrubs, or almost any perennial in the fall gives them a head start! This is because their roots are able to start to establish giving them the bump they need to show you how beautiful they really are in the spring and summer.

Another added bonus to fall planting is watering. A good soak in many instances is all a tree or shrub may need. This will Allow winter to take care of the rest, opposed to the dry summer regimented watering schedule that you create on your smart phone complete with a sweat and money emoji notifications representing your hard work and water bill!

“Wrapping” it all up 

As with any piece of advice, there will always be some fine print. Fall planting is not for all species and does not always allow for roots to fully establish, staking or burlap is a good idea, especially trees. Do some quick research to not to put your newest prize piece at risk. So don’t get discouraged when winter is looming, get out there now, and get you and your garden ahead of the game! love to plant in the fall.

By: Sean HealeyMasonry and Fencing Manager

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