Landscape Construction

Geoscape is proud to offer a variety of landscape construction services that can meet a wide range of commercial and residential needs. Our trained and certified staff work diligently to achieve a beautiful finished product in a safe and timely manner. Our job sites are left in pristine condition and our work is guaranteed.

Specializing in the following landscape construction services:

Hardscape Installation: This includes but is not limited to the installation of retaining walls, decorative entry features, and parking planting beds and medians. Public spaces can be made more accessible and beautiful with interlocking lookouts, walking paths, ramps and sidewalks. Installation of park furnishings, pergolas, gazebos and playground fixtures are wonderful additions to any community. We also specialize in the planning and execution of paving, concrete and asphalt applications.

Plant installation: Geoscape Contracting loves planting trees! We have the knowledge and experience to properly handle tree care at every stage, from growing, transportation, planting, watering and maintenance. We plant trees of any size and specialize in the safe and efficient urban streetscape planting projects of new developments. All trees are planted with our nutrient rich planting soil to facilitate transplantation and promote healthy growth. Our soils and mulches are expertly mixed and meet all municipal and environmental standards.

Geoscape is committed to our natural environment and our local ecosystems, and we are experts in native planting. We also have the experience to plant and maintain all shrubs, perennials, annuals, roses and wild grasses and fescues. All planting beds are amended with 30% compost to support substantial growth and strength. All plant material is maintained, monitored and watered within our warranty period.

Sod, Compost & Seed Applications: For immediate green results we install beautiful, locally grown turf inside parks and along boulevards and sidewalks. Our sod provides an instant green result and is watered immediately and at regular intervals after application. Geoscape “terraseeding” is an economical and ideal application for large areas and dramatic slopes and hills. Using our pneumatic blower unit we can instal a precise blend of screened composted soil and any variety of grass or wild flower seed. This computerized unit makes seed application extremely easy and efficient, helping to reduce cost and meet deadlines. In one work day, roughly one acre of land can be seeded and will produce growth results within 7 days following application.