In this day and age of technology and smartphones, building a park or playground can help you create a sense of togetherness for your community. The simple addition of an open park creates an inviting and safe public space to enhance your upcoming development. They help build neighbourhoods by providing families with a multitude of ways to experience the outdoors together.

Wonderful additions that enhance any park or playground include installations of furnishings such as:

  • pergolas
  • gazebos
  • open spaces
  • fountains
  • aesthetically pleasing trails
  • and playground fixtures.

As a land developer or landscape architect, you understand the benefits and opportunities of adding open space to your next project including:

  • Playgrounds that use natural materials add to the feeling of playing within nature. For example, making use of the natural landscape to build a slide into the side of a hill only adds to the fun.
  • Wildlife engagement –building a playground in existing natural areas or establishing designated habitat areas. With the right native plants, you can easily attract specific wildlife to your community.
  • An opportunity to incorporate educational aspects during play and peak interest in further understanding of natural landscapes.

Geoscape Contracting’s 25 plus years of recreational urban development will give you an assurance that your project is installed on time, within budget and without deficiencies.

Our team takes safety during construction very seriously and maintains stringent standards of building practice to ensure that the families who enjoy Geoscape built products can play in a safe and fun environment.

For your next park and playground, installation contact the Geoscape team.