urban-bannerUrban Streetscape and Subdivision Landscape Development

Urban street scape and subdivision landscape development are specialties of Geoscape Contracting and a key component in our efforts to create a greener GTA. Typically in new developments all street level planting and natural environments are lost. Geoscape takes great pride in helping to restore and regenerate nature and greenery into new communities.

Geoscape Contracting offers a wide range of services to subdivision developers, their clients and municipalities. These expertly executed services include: street tree planting, roadside and railway buffer building and planting, stormwater management pond development, subdivision entry features, playground features and park development.

Geoscape Contracting has been specializing in planting street trees for over 25 years and has developed a safe and efficient system of planting that helps keep costs at a minimum and helps maximize tree survival rates. Owning and operating our own wholesale nursery keeps costs down and helps to ensure plant quality and allows for quick and easy replacements. Our staff are professional and courteous in sharing their tree care knowledge and assisting in customer service questions.